Stone and Quality Endure

Stonecarvers Guild

In Memoriam

In remembering great carvers who were our members or were instrumental in the creation of the Stone Carvers Guild we celebrate:

Jack Kendall
Francis Acitelli
Ranier Devido
D'Ellis Kincannon
Ray Licata
Vincent Palumbo
Constantine Seferlis
Josiah Updegraff

Member Portfolios

Our members are located all over the United States. Most are able to ship work anywhere in the country. These portfolios offer only a small sample of what each carver can do, so please don't hesitate to ask any carver for more information.*

Please click on the map to find a stone carver near you or a member's name below to read their profile and view samples of their work:

Professional Members Directory

Robert Alger – Maryland

Walter Arnold - Illinois

Amy Brier - Indiana

Fred X. Brownstein – Vermont

Harold Clayton - Texas

Patrick Dennis - Oklahoma

Timothy Doyle - Indiana

Gilham Erickson - California

Nicholas Fairplay - Ohio

Michael Fannin - Vermont

Wayne Ferree - Pennsylvania

Autumn Bildson - Michigan

Malcolm Harlow, Jr. - Virginia

John M. Hess - Arizona

Jean Pierre Jacquet - Minnesota

Dale Johnson - Ohio

Matthew Johnson - Texas

Oleg Lobykin - California

Sebastian Martorana – Maryland

Franco Minervini - New Jersey

Clark Mitchel - California

Joseph D. Moss - Maryland

Patrick Plunkett - Maryland

Bob Ragan - Texas

Cary Shafer - Indiana

Stuart Simpson - Texas

Dan Sinclair - New York

Richard E. Stahl - Indiana

Larry Terrafranca - Colorado

John Van Camp - Texas

The Stone Carvers Guild is a group of independent professionals, each with their own style, approach, specialties and talents. You are invited to contact any Guild member or members to discuss your specific projects or explore a working relationship. The Guild does not recommend any particular individual carver, nor does the Guild regulate the business practices of its members. The contractual and working relationship between the client and the carver is a private matter.